Throw-away crockery in a freezer

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Throw-away crockery in a freezer

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Disposable containers are divided into several categories?

A part of the disposable tableware is based on the plant, and part of it is famous among people for plastic containers. Disposable dishes are safe in pink that are manufactured according to defined standards. Vegetable dishes are good if they are made according to the standards required. Otherwise, it is not beneficial and has tolls. Because many consumers consume consumables that can have microbial and chemical contamination. Because the identities of these containers are not clear, it’s better not to use them or not use excess.

Assuming that plastic containers are manufactured in compliance with the required standards, what tips do you recommend when using them?
First of all, hot foods can not be stored in these containers. If the food temperature is above 65 ° C, the use of plastic disposable containers is prohibited. The reason is that high temperatures can release some of the monomers that are in the plastic building, and these monomers enter into foods that are harmful to human health, especially when used to distribute nourishes from these containers. The temperature of the cooked food should be lowered and the food should be cooled down, then dispensed in plastic containers. This also applies to foamed plastic containers, because they are emitted, and if the food is hot, the gas is released, which is harmful. It is also not recommended to use these containers to pour fatty foods. Disposable dishes without color should have a smooth surface and no scratches or holes, as germs go to the site and cause contamination. These containers should be kept in a package and away from sunlight.

Can I put dishes in a freezer?
No Both high heat and freezing for disposable dishes are harmful because they release monomers that are harmful to the body.

Assuming that disposable tableware is prepared in accordance with the required standards, are these containers harmless?
Yes, but these dishes are not a dish that can be used for long periods of time. These food containers should be used with a specific date of use. Ie, from a few days up to a month of consumption. The date of use is based on the composition of the food and the type of polymer, because it increases the risk of infection and germs.

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