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Why are plastic bottles disposable?

Practically, there is the possibility of making multi-use plastic bottles that can be used again as glass bottles, but no factory has done anywhere in the world. "Plastic bottles today are widely used in everyday life of humans, but researchers believe that the use of these bottles is not beneficial to health and can not [...]

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How to use safe plastic disposable containers?

Considering the increasing use of plastic containers, it is important to observe the health and environmental guidelines recommended by the National Organization for the Health of Consumers. For several years, plastic containers have been largely replacing traditional containers due to increased production, cheap prices, easy transportation and quick access, according to IRNA. According to experts [...]

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Throw-away crockery in a freezer

Disposable containers are divided into several categories? A part of the disposable tableware is based on the plant, and part of it is famous among people for plastic containers. Disposable dishes are safe in pink that are manufactured according to defined standards. Vegetable dishes are good if they are made according to the standards required. [...]

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