How to use safe plastic disposable containers?

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How to use safe plastic disposable containers?

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Considering the increasing use of plastic containers, it is important to observe the health and environmental guidelines recommended by the National Organization for the Health of Consumers.

For several years, plastic containers have been largely replacing traditional containers due to increased production, cheap prices, easy transportation and quick access, according to IRNA.

According to experts from the National Standards Organization, disposable plastic containers should be purchased from reputable centers supplying products from manufacturing units that use new and high quality raw materials for the production of these containers, and be sure to take note of the acronym in the bottom of the container.

In addition, the insertion of the PS symbol indicates that it is made of polystyrene and such a container is in contact with hot and greasy foods due to the release of styrene carcinogenic monomer; therefore, these containers should not be used for food and hot drinks And fatty acids, and are used only for soft drinks and cold-fat foods. These containers are available in three types of polystyrene foam (EPS), expanded polystyrene (HIPS) and ordinary polystyrene containers (GPPS).

The insertion of the PP symbol indicates that the plastic is made of polypropylene, and these can be used for food and hot drinks; if you do not insert the mentioned signs, you can burn a piece of this kind of dishes of their genus And if burned it has a blue flame with PP, and if it burns too much with smoke, it is made of PS.

Also, it should not be used in containers that have a weak body strength; they are also made from recycled materials that have veins, black beans and bad smells.

However, it should not be forgotten that plastics cause environmental pollution, and should not be consumed externally when used to protect the environment, and should not be released after consumption.

Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottles for the packaging of beverages with the main purpose of health, health, safety and commerce have increased the use of these bottles to avoid the purchase of products exposed to sunlight and do not Do not reuse these bottle types; In addition, they should not store sour items such as lemon juice, water juice and vinegar in this type of bottle for a long time, and refrain from freezing water inside these bottles.

Experts also emphasize the use of liquid oils packaged in colored bottles.

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