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About PRIMA Plastic

Prima Plasma Company, a manufacturer of disposable sheets and disposable tableware, has started its activity in 2013 in the industrial city of Abbasabad, Tehran province. This industrial group, using the most modern machinery, has been able to obtain the necessary health certificates and certifications from competent authorities in the country, with prestigious plastic products, with the respect of quality and quality in activities and production. The products have paid particular attention to half of the goods sold since the start of operations with the export of their products to the countries of the region. We believe in the continuous improvement of our production activities in this company, which will increase the quality and satisfaction of our colleagues and customers.

Company vision

PRIMA PLASTIC is active in the field of producing and packaging all kinds of food products at the highest level of quality, increasing the ability to produce and developing a culture of healthy food consumption.
This manufacturing unit strives to go beyond the production of the product in the lives of its consumers and its audience, bringing them into packaging and new experiences. In line with the great goals of this collection you can :

  • Improving the health of products and ensuring food safety
  • Producing a variety of products and providing superior quality based on customer demands and handling complaints in order to increase customer satisfaction and also increase the organization’s ability to improve products.
  • Regular and ongoing planning and action to prevent and mitigate environmental impacts and reduce waste.
  • Optimal use of equipment and machinery and regular planning of maintenance and repair of manufacturing facilities

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